#3 — Consistency, state of VC game, hard work, and rant

What VC holidays boom says about the future of tech, how can working late shifts be cool and why you should not call everything a VC firm

With all the things that could go wrong these days, I’m happy to report that my primary constraint for delivering this newsletter in time is good old consistency.

Unfortunately for me, though, it happens to be the number one quality that sets apart mediocre projects and founders from successful ones. With enough tries and iterations, you can turn around any venture. Yes, I just spent a whole paragraph praising the "10-years-to-overnight-success" concept. With that piece of wisdom for a start, let’s get to the news commentary.

VC won’t follow the startup scene

Do you remember when Web3 was the hottest word in the industry? Those days are gone as the recession made itself significant with job freezes at Google, Meta, and Apple, layoffs at OpenSea, and downrounds in every second unicorn. Everyone seems to discuss inflation rates, interest hikes, and macroeconomic markers they know nothing about. Among fear and grim outlooks, the VC industry seems relatively unaffected. Why?