#1 – Breaking into VC, recession, and more

The first issue of The Next newsletter with takes on recession and tech layoffs, Ukrainian unicorns and VC firms as well as some well-known messaging app.

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Hello, dear readers! This is the first edition of what I hope will be a regular and (most importantly) exciting newsletter. Even though I have written for the past seven years as a journalist and editor, it’s almost a new experience for me — to be unguided and unconstrained by editorial policies, publishing schedule, and information overheating that consumes attention.

A journalist writes because he’s at least partly obliged to do so: and I’m now completely free. After being a part of a well-rehearsed chorus, I went solo. It excites me as much as it sparks anxiety.

In this edition: breaking into VC, recession, Ajax, and new additions to your reading list